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11/04/2005: Artists page up! 

Whee! Artists page is up. only 2 pictures in it so far. some more soon, I hope. I should start working on the fanfic i said i'd write for TC:A soon. But along with that, my new Witch Hunter Robin sketch is up! It's Amon though. I'm gonna try to draw Robin soon. I might also try sketching one of my friends... Not sure who though, I did a quick drawing of someone at school the other day, but it's not even worth scanning. Well, no other news at the moment. *wanders off to do something less important*


08/04/2005: New colours are up

Colours are all finished. Artist page up later tonight. uploading all the pages now. 


07/04/2005: Sketch updates

new sketches. the artist archives that was requested by a few people is going up tomorrow night, with art by kayne. Maybe some by ray too. ^_^ Hope you all enjoy. Like the new colours? i gotta change the colours soon, to make sure they are all the same. I got sick of black and white. I'll be changing all the colours over to this theme within the next week or so, because it requires me changing the colours on my system andthen re-uploading the page, for all the pages i have up. Also going to setup the guestbook tomorrow night. Hehe. well, tonight, really... Baka. 
Oh, with the writing thing, i wasn't entirely conscious at the time. Changing the idea to this. You donate money, I write you a story. ^_^ I' gonna set up a paypal account rather soon, when i get a little time.... til next time, space cowboys.


04/04/2005: Moving

Hey all. Most of my way through my move. some updates when i get a phoneline up and running. Sorry for who's waiting in anticipation for the changes. I'll do some redesigning within the next week or 2. Hopefully I'll have my copy of dreamweaver soon, so i'll be redesigning the navigation.


26/03/2005: Welcome to

Welcome to I know it isn't pretty, but hey, I've come up with this pretty quickly. I'm mainly using this to put my stories, sketches and photos on. this is gonna take a little time for me to get used to, so please don't get alarmed if this suddenly goes down. There are going to be a few teething problems, for a while, but eventually I plan to have everything going well. Currently, not everything is up and running. I'm not really on a deadline, but i want to get this up quickly, as i seem to have the will to do so at the moment.




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