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Welcome to Twilight Art and Writing. Just to repeat the previous warnings that are at the end of -every- page, all artwork and writing is copyright the respective owners. If You wish to use any of the pictures, please, contact the owner.  Please, choose from the following areas: 

Artwork: The artwork section is a mixture of artwork (excluding photography) from different mediums. these include drawings, paintings and imaged works. 

Photography: This section includes photographs taken with both film and digital camera. 

writing: Short stories, Mini-novels, fanfiction and numerous other sorts of writing. If it's not there and you think it should be, please email me about it.


Current News:

07/08/2005: A lil bit of whoring on behalf of some friends

Oops... what a negligent creator I've been lately. Baka... ^^;; well, yes. theres a few new updates. the most pressing of which is the new counter down the bottom. I dunno if anyone actually reads this, but I had 41 hits the other day. -giggle- many more than i thought. I'll assume they were bots... -ponders- I  also going to have up a guestbook soon, I hope. ^^;; So please, leave a comment when you can! I'd appreciate it a lot. Alright. other matters that need to be addressed. My ISP email address has been closed down, so now please contact me Here and I'll be most grateful! 

now, as the post title says! some whoring to do on the behalf of some friends (mainly Shani and Kira). Go take a look at Omnir.  It's a pet site, i think might interest some people. Go on. Make me a happy Lewwy. Take a look, and make Kira happy too. I would very much appreciate that you spread the word to people you know. Take a look at their temporary forums too, which is the only thing joinable at the moment. Please, spread the word! </whore>


30/05/2005: Atlast! The New site is up! 

Well, as you all know, I've been working on getting this going for a while now. And at last, the site's up! As with all the previous plans, eventully I'm switching to php. ^_^ So that'll rock my socks for a while.I'm working on getting a guest book up and running. So that'll be done quite soon. Currently Not -everything- is up. The things that I know are still down are the Anime and Manga sections, which will be up in a few weeks, and some of the writing is still down. If you find a broken link that i've missed, please, email me   about it. Please enjoy. Drop me a line

27/05/2005 New site layout, name-change and host!

Well, I'm finally Uploading all of these. ^_^ The site isn't completely finished yet. but it will be. Sometime in the near future You'll have all noticed the 2 new sections that will be going up within the next few weeks. Manga and Anime! Yay! Well, for now, I hope everyone likes the new designs. Please drop me a line if you think there are any improvements to the site i should make, or if you want to talk about adding things to the art or writing section. Oh, please also email me if you find broken links. or missing links.... O_o I think I got them all.... Lets hope! 


18/04/2005: Quick Update and picture.

Quick update... I'm starting the redesigns tomorrow. i might look at a new hosting site... *shrug* Teh -mostly- finished Amon drawing will go up with the new site design, when it's done. Here's a picture... not mine, unfortunately, i'm just bored and tired. about to fall asleep watching Witch Hunter Robin. It's Michael from WHR
he doesnt have his headphones on in it, unfortunately. *going now*


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